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Smart Inventory Management

Parts inventory management is one of the most complex aspects of running a profitable dealership. This complexity continues to increase further with frequent launch of new models / variants. Standard inventory management platforms and Human Minds managing the order planning have limitation in overcoming the challenge.

We completely understand that each dealership is different from other when it comes to fixing right parts stock norms. Depending on factors; like Brand, Age of dealership, Nos. of mother-child warehouse, demand and supply side variability, parts team quality etc, the stocking norms for each part must vary for optimized use of working capital.

Our SIMS (Smart Inventory Management System) framework is an advanced set of statistical modeling which answers 2 most critical question for each workshop considering 21 customised factors - Which parts to be stocked & How much quantity of such parts to be kept.

Sparecare is not an Inventory Management Software or just a consulting organisation. We work as an extended arm of Dealer’s Spare Parts Team working very closely day in day out to execute scientific ordering to OEMs.

Our Services

(all regular orders placed to OEMs are made by us and in case of urgent orders the same gets tracked for invoicing to stop accumulation of non moving stock)

We Deliver

  • Optimized Spare Parts Inventory to benchmark levels to optimise working capital deployment.
  • Ensuring right mix of parts to deliver desired levels of parts availability
  • Prevention of accumulation of non moving stocks
  • Synergised stocking across Mother & child locations
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“Strength of Spare Care is in-depth understanding of spare parts business. They understand dealers & customers pain. Their inventory management solutions is probably smarter than OEM Systems. It has benefitted me immensely and brought down my inventory by 30% and at the same time prevented any new accumulation of dead stock. My spare parts operations are now trim.”

Nikunj Sanghi

JS Fourwheels Pvt. Ltd


“Association with Spare Care totally turned around the way I was managing my parts operations. Their deep involvement & scientific tools have helped reduce my inventory by 4.5 crores across my 15 workshop locations. I am very happy and recommend dealers with multiple locations to think of Spare Care.”

Sandeep Kher

Koncept Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.

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